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Corporate Email Hosting - Email Hosting Services for Business or Custom Personal Email

Corporate Email Hosting - Business Email
and Custom Personal Email Addresses

Do you need your own corporate / business or custom email address? We will purchase your appropriate domain name if you haven't already done so, create up to 20 email addresses and place a business or personal avitar or contact address page on the web, so you can send and receive email with your own business or personal web address.

Business Email or Custom Personal; Email and single Holding Page from £30 set up fee (excluding purchase of domain name) plus £48pa web hosting - Not the £399 + vat many web design companies are charging!

You can then create your own email accounts on your business computer(s) through your software and isp.

Earn While You Surf
A part time referal marketing business that can give you unlimited earnings potential £££££££


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