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Web Domain Names and Website Hosting

About Web Domain Names and Website Hosting

People who don't have websites for their business often ask us at JeGraNet.com what they need to do to 'get on the web'?

Well, the first thing you need to do is register your own Domain Name. A 'Domain' is simply the common Internet term referring to what will be the name of your website.

A domain name is best chosen to reflect what the website is about or like in the case of Google.com, something that rolls off the toungue!

The second thing you will need to do is organise some Web Hosting. This is simply just as it sounds, 'hosting' is where the actual website with the Domain Name you've chosen, will be located.

In a moment I will give you a great link to FREE Tutorials and Help Sheets that can guide you through how to both get your Domain name registered, and how to set up your Website Hosting, as well as lots of great info on how to set up your own Website.

But first, let's answer that question "Where is the best place to get your Domain Names and Website Hosting?" We have had some good and some bad experiences, so go on reccommendation! We have found a great web hosting service, Meirhosting Domains, that we hav been using for the last 5 years. With Web Hosting Plans that come with genuine 24 hour support and servers that are on the best connections available in quality UK and US Datacenters. You will see great value at Meirhosting!

Go to > www.meirhostingdomains.com and check out the prices and services for yourselves.

And if you already have a website or domain but want to add a Domain or other website services, then you definitely should check out their prices and services ...see how we compare to what you're currently paying?

I mentioned earlier about where you could get some great FREE tutorials and help in buying a Domain or setting up Web Hosting or Building a Website. Go to > /support.meirhosting.net - there's some great guides, FAQs, etc, to help everyone get going even if they've never had a website or domain before.

One final thought - consider registering your name, or your partner's or children's names, as Domain names. You need to ensure you have reserved and secured those website (Domain) names NOW before someone else grabs them, even if you don't plan to use them just yet.

If they're not available from anywhere else contact us at JeGraNet.com and we'll see if we can aquire that all important name for you!

To your success,

Graham & Jean Beven

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