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How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website?

Content is king! And that holds as true today as ever.

We offer some tips on how do I get more visitors to my website through content management to answer the question - How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website?.

These tips are:

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 1. Start with checking for current searches. There are around 16 billion internet searches every month and a small percentage are customers looking for your business and those your competitors. So it is imperitive that you figure out your marketing opportunity by understanding how many searches, keywords and key-phrases are related to what your business offers!

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 2. Think holistically about your budget. What do you spend today per customer gathered? Ask yourself What your average PPC spend is? We know that content-based websites can help lower cost per customer acquisition because fewer and fewer webmasters are are doing it and competition, so far, is less intense.
Plan to shift some of your budget from PPC and other acquisition marketing efforts to content marketing. This will definateley deliver results with an improved costing structure.

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 3. Target your content creation. Content needs to be targeted to areas that align directly with your website branding; where sufficient demand for your content will make content marketing worthwhile.

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 4. Make lots and lots and lots of content at a low cost. Search engines weigh recency heavily when organizing content. There is always fresh content at the top of search results pages, so 100 well optimised pages on a topic will capture more unique visitors than a competitor with just 5 or so similar pages.

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 5. Don't go it alone. Achieving top search engine placement, and establishing content creation costs to make content marketing make sense but requires specialized knowledge and training. Find a webmaster who only uses SEO to get results and make them put their money where their mouth is on the numbers they promise.

How Do I Get More Visitors To My Website? 6. If you have a 'flash' website or one that uses logins, frames, textual imagery, or tables then consider having a piggyback html website built that can host the new content and redirect new unique visitors to your business!

Now you know how you get more visitors to your website!

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