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How we do it:

Firstly; we find out from you what you actually expect your web site to do for your small business.

Do you want more long term customers or clients?

Do you want to make sales on line?

Do you just want to have a web presence that acts as an information base for existing and prospective clients?

Do you want a shop front with an enquiry form?

Secondly; we find out what search results you want to achieve based on your business profile, i.e. who is looking for what - with regard to your business.

Thirdly; we ascertain your company style to act as the basis for the actual website build. By style, we mean what you look like to the customer. If you are a 'modern' company we would build a 'modern' looking web site, a 'traditional' company - a more mellow web site. A good place for us to start is by looking at your current marketing material and matching our work to it.

We will purchase a Domain Name or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) if you haven't already got one that suits your business trading name, goods or services.

Once we have the relevant information, we build a bespoke template based on the content type and your preferences for font, colours and layout. Or you can just show us a couple of other people's websites you like the look of and let us create a prototype for you to see. As your company style or mood changes over time we can always tweak the template, changing colour, font and layout without you incurring high costs. You supply us with the textual content and any copyright free images that you require for the 'Home Page'.

Once the template is agreed and the Home Page is published we can then work together on developing the web site proper, in your own time. Once the pages are connected to the template and published adding page by page until you are happy with the look (and feel) of your web site.

These Businesses Have Chosen To Use Us As Their Webmasters

Capsaicinoia Chilli Gift Shop - Beautiful Nails Training Academy - Shropshire Craft Shows and Fairs - GES Solutions - Matbro Man - Knysna Woodcraft - Shaws Travel - MJR Minimatt - Telford Signs - Sanda Games - Ecolec Ltd - Otherton Boat Haven - Admiral Narrowboats

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