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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably the most cost effective form of improving your Internet presence! Inclusion and optimisation of your website within the major Search Engine's files. This is crucial if you want to attract any new potential customers searching for what you have to deliver.

If your target audience and potential customers cannot find your website they will take their business to someone's website they can.

Simply having your website on-line does not mean that your prospective customers will find it.

It is a fact, that unless they already know your exact web address they probably won't even know your site exist. Search Engine 'Spider' Robots theoretically crawl every part of the Internet collecting alpha numeric data actively looking for new information. There is no guarantee that your new site will be 'spidered' for many weeks, months or even at all, even if you have submitted your web address or Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a particular search engine.

By using our services at JeGraNet.com, we will ensure that your web pages are designed, constructed and optimised particularly for high ranking in the major Search Engines for your chosen keywords. We design and build Search Engine friendly websites and complement this by effectively promoting sites to the major Search Engines by linking between all our client's websites..

In addition to designing and building web sites for small businesses for maximum search engine optimisation, we are also happy to undertake Search Engine Optimisation reporting for existing sites; please contact us for a quote. If your site has not been optimised to take advantage of the search engine algorithms then you are almost certainly losing audience and business to other businesses websites which are optimised.

We have a proven record of success, helping small businesses to succeed online. We understand that you want increased traffic and create increased sales, you don't want running your website to interfere with the running of your core business. We don't expect you to trawl through statistics and then ask us to change things to react to trends, we do that for you as part of our basic domain hosting and management package.

We have proven examples with clients who are more than willing to be contacted. Clients whos sites did nothing for them months ago, now get real live new customers, walking through the door, contacting them on line, spending money with them week on week.

What we can't do is turn a business around single handed! You will have to work with us as much as we work with you. If no-one is looking for your 'widget' then no matter how hard we work, the chances are nothing will change. The internet cannot magic up nonexistent customers.

We can help to attract more Internet traffic through search results and effective delivery of your website. We will ensure your website is optimised for the best search engine results possible and then through organic methods. We can assure you that your website will be fully prepared for submission to the search engines by performing ongoing analysis based on search engine results. Please bear in mind though that we cannot guarantee placements on page one of Google or any other search engine for that matter - No-one can!

As we say we can't offer any guarantees, no-one can. Many Search Engine Promotion companies say that they can deliver top 10 positioning every time. They can't. There are such an enormous number of different factors that will affect your site's positioning that they cannot possibly control them all. Our job is to improve your chances of getting highly placed by the engines by researching, studying and monitoring the way in which the major search engines configure their algorithms (the mathematical method they use) to rank websites in terms of the degree to which they match particular search criterion.

When we build any website we engineer the website to make it as search engine friendly as possible and submit the information contained within it in such a way that it should return a high ranking. There is nothing we do that you cannot do yourself, if you are willing to invest the time and money to learn about SEO.

We only use legitimate tactics as some major Search Engines will ban web sites that break their rules. It is vital to stay up to date with the knowledge to be able to react to changes in the way Search Engines are working, which is what we do.

Our countdown to Search Engine Optimisation

Number 10 – SEO is not paid advertising

Number 9 – SEO has more internet credibility

Number 8 – SEO has the potential for viral dispersion

Number 7 - SEO forces the webmaster to organize your site

Number 6 – SEO makes the user experience better

Number 5 – SEO introduces you to Google and other Search Engines

Number 4 – SEO establishes site authority

Number 3 – SEO builds links to your website

Number 2 – SEO will organically boost traffic to your site

The Number 1 reason why SEO is better than PPC - It's FREE!

These Businesses Have Chosen To Use Us As Their Webmasters

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